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someday i will be trans, as long i'm a boy, I decided to change myself (furry), but I don't know what my next furry will look like, consider my character a girl, death is fun

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I will not make music 0-1 year

Posted by Un1k9Ta2017 - October 21st, 2021

yesterday I gave up soundtrap because I don't like spotify because of business and etc, I don't like spotify, apple music and etc because it's a business, they make the company earn more than the performer, and it's terrible, me I will release music on soundcloud and bandcamp, there are several or many worthy sites for music, but this is an alternative and not originality, I tried to find worthy music studio for free online, but I did not find a suitable one, song that will not be released on 24 december, my album is postponed on an unknown date, in fact I am changing (as always), and my next album will be different, and a new level, I feel bad because of stupid people, the further, the worse I feel, probably all people after school leave for college and etc, and they leave to buy their house, I'm in my last grade (middle school), and in six months I'll finish, if I can't leave and buy my house, it means that I'll stay here forever in hell, maybe I'm wrong but stupid people say that I stay, but in fact they want to kill me, if I cannot leave russia then I will kill myself and I wasted my terrible life on this fucking earth, earth is terrible and many people are stupid, they are same type, hates furries without reasons, they make conflicts on twitter, reddit, discord, and etc, they do not understand me and will not understand if I even become bad (this will never happen), the earth is hell, and I want to leave this terrible planet, leave russia in six months this is last chance, I am not dead because I want to have fun, help normal people, if I die, I will be glad, even if there is nothing after death, if you feel bad because all people do not understand you or want to leave the earth, kill yourself, you will only get better :)



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